Conference papers, talks and other events


Posted on Tue, April 5th, 2022

2021 The Sleaford and Kesteven Rotary Club
2020 Nottingham Trent University Drawing The Threads-The beginnings of art schools in the UK and the Fashion and Textiles Industry symposium and networking event. Invited speaker: Nottingham
2018 Costume Colloquium VI. ‘Metal horticulture and new approaches to materials, technology and surface treatment in the processing of high value fashion textiles’. Invited speaker: Florence, Italy
2018 The Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry.‘The Artist Inventor’s Notebook: An examination of the role of text, illustration and experimentation in nineteenth century electrometallurgy’. Invited speaker: The Royal Institution, London
2018 The International Committee of Museums: Costume Collections,‘Unlikely Bedfellows: The inventions of silver manufacturer Elkington & Co. and their influence on fashion and textiles’. Invited speaker: Centraal Museum, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2015 The Costume Society Annual Conference. ‘All that glitters is not necessarily gold: an examination of chemical metallisation techniques in couture textiles’. Invited speaker: V&A, London
2010 The Textile Institute World Conference. ‘A Designer-makers journey towards technology and beyond’ Poster presentation. Manchester. ISBN 9781617822704
2009 IFFTI Conference. ‘Encouraging a Conscious and Considerate Approach to Design within Textiles and Fashion’ with Dr Faith Kane. Invited speaker: LCF, London. ISBN 9780956038227
2008 IFFTI Conference. ‘Planning for an ethical future in Fashion Fabrics and Accessories’ with Dr Faith Kane. Invited speaker: RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. ISBN 9781921426186